Danish Technology Platform for Global Animal Health
Useful links

Danish Agency for Science, Technology and Innovation: www.fi.dk
Danish Association of the Veterinary Pharmaceutical Industry: www.vif.dk
DTU Veterinary-The National Veterinary Institute: www.vet.dtu.dk
The Danish Agriculture and Food Council: www.lf.dk
The Danish Technical University: www.dtu.dk
The Danish Veterinary and Food Administration: www.foedevarestyrelsen.dk
The Danish Veterinary Association: www.ddd.dk
University of Copenhagen - Faculty of Life Science: www.life.ku.dk
Aarhus University - Faculty of Agricultural Science: www.agrsci.dk

ETPGAH, The European Platform: www.ifaheurope.org

SRA_May06-1 Strategic Reserch Agenda
ETPGAH-Vision-2015-1 Vision 2015
ETPGAH_ActionPlanAug07-1 Action Plan